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Top Spots for Vegan Food In + Around Newport

Newport is often acclaimed as a can't-miss retreat for seafood lovers (have we mentioned we love a lobster roll?) That doesn't change the fact that it's a really good time to be vegan in Newport right now. Plant-based restaurants and cafes…

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Meet Newport's Food Trucks

Believe it or not, some of the best restaurants can be found roaming the streets on four wheels. Whether you're searching for lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches, pizza, wieners, or Hawaiian-style shave ice, these local food trucks have…

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Clam Shacks You Can't Skip

There's just something about a humble, dine-in-the-rough clam shack after a day at the beach, the Atlantic still drying on your skin and a paper plate spotted with grease on the rickety picnic table before you. Below are three clam shacks…

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Lobster Rolls Worth Traveling to Newport For

Newport is synonymous with seafood. Oysters? Our main food group. Clam cakes? Can't live without 'em. And then there's the crown jewel of seafood: the lobster roll. Chunks of fresh-from-the-ocean lobster meat drizzled with warm butter…

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Iconic Ice Cream Shops In + Around Newport

Summer on The Classic Coast is here and while the ocean breeze might help beat the heat, ice cream certainly does it better. These local shops, some of which have been staples since the 1950s, offer the best scoops around. From classic…

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Essential Spots for Brunch

Oh, brunch. Not quite breakfast, but not quite lunch. It's our favorite place to be on a slow, Sunday morning—preferably with the perfect Bloody Mary in hand. Whether your heart swings closer to a sweet breakfast or you always find yourself…

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6 Iconic Newport Desserts You Need To Try

Newport does a lot of things right—lobster rolls, harbor tours, oysters, ocean views—not to brag or anything. Then, there's dessert. Whether you're just visiting, or you're a local here, you may have heard of the iconic Snowball In Hell…

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Where To Slurp Oysters Right Now

As foodie tradition dictates, oysters are best when harvested in months with the letter 'r'—September to April—when cool temperatures signal them to plump and sweeten for winter hibernation. That being said, this rule may have had some…

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