Halloween is quickly approaching. In fact, it's so close that we've found ourselves overwhelmed by costume inferiority complex -- you know, when you're worried your costume won't measure up in a crowd. Then we remember we live in a city brimming with history, beauty and spooky tales, and our costume options are endless. If you're struggling, we've got a few ideas for you -- Newport style



William Vanderbilt

Transform into a socialite and a motor racing enthusiast by dressing, acting and talking the part.


Ida Lewis

Dress as an iconic history maker, Ida Lewis, the first female lighthouse keeper and cultural hero.


Doris Duke

Who wouldn't want to be an heiress, socialite, philanthropist and the daughter of a wealthy tycoon for a night?  Call up the uber driver and have him take you straight to Rough Point, it's time to get this Halloween started.


Gilded Age Beauty

Think Gilded Age, meets Great Gatsby, meets Downton Abbey. Now hit your favorite vintage shops and have a field day.


Newport Pirate

Get your dose of Vitamin Sea just in time for Halloween here in the City by the C...


Hall of Fame Tennis Player

Game, Set, Match...what is easier than this costume when you could grab EVERYTHING you could possibly think of at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Pro Shop...



Captain K-9...or Feline

Your trusty sidekick will guide you on your Halloween travels with his/her trusty captain's cap and eager attitude.


Gaaaarrrr'd Dog

See above for our fabulous Newport Pirate themed costume, match with your furry friend and you will be able to take over Newport Harbor in NO time.



Navy Couple

Swoon and swim your way through the costume parties and Halloween soiree's as the cutest and well dressed couple there is


Fish & Fisherman / Fisherwoman

Show off your best catch, and we are not talking about Pokémon anymore...



Colonial Crew

March and salute like you are a true American hero. This costume will for sure keep you warm and make some heads turn.


Newport Bars

Pick your favorite nighttime hot spot and dress for the occasion. Put on your best mustache for O'Brien's, your favorite blue tie for Newport Blues Café and your most flashy getup for the Boom Boom Room.


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