The unique and tranquil garden, Green Animals, in Portsmouth is an amazing combination of detailed animal topiaries, beautiful flowers and even fruit and vegetable gardens. It is definitely worth the trip and a sight to see. Not only will kids love it but adults will too! What is better than a beautiful garden? Well…a beautiful garden shaped into fun animals! The amount of work that goes into maintaining this amazing garden is unbelievable, but they keep it in pristine condition. The self-guided tour is relaxing and at your own pace. Take the day and explore the entire garden, then sit at the picnic tables and gaze into the beautiful view of the bay.


garden 6



  • It is the oldest and most northern topiary garden in the US.
  • It consists of seven acres and overlooks the Narraganset Bay.
  • It contains 80 sculpted trees, including giraffe, teddy bears and elephant.
  • The animals are sculpted from California Privet, Yew and English Boxwood.
  • There are over 35 flowerbeds, geometric pathways, rose arbor, grape arbor, fruit trees and vegetable & herb gardens
  • It is owned and maintained by the Preservation Society of Newport County




Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite part of the garden: the animals.

There are a variety of perfectly sculpted animals in the garden, like the baby and mama bears, the giraffe, camel, elephant, and many more. Some of the animals date back to the 1920s and more and more are constantly being added. Go to the topiary garden to see how many you can find.


animal 5


animals 2animals 3





The Brayton family who used to live on the property were known for raising award-winning show dogs, their dogs that they loved dearly have a special place in the garden in the pet cemetery.





Within all the beauty there is a large vegetable garden that today is used for educational purposes and then donated every week to local charities. There are over 100 vegetables and herbs.

veg garden

veg garden 2


There are beautiful flowers that surround the entire garden, made up of perennials, roses, dahlias and hydrangeas. The colors of these flowers are so vibrant and beautiful. Some of the flowers are used for arrangements inside the house and some are so amazing that they're entered into the annual flower shows.


flowers 1

flower 3

flower 2flower3



Lastly, there are beautifully sculpted arches that date back to 1901 and create a perfect path on the property down to the water. The geometric shapes and ornamental designs are almost too good to be true. 



Head on down to Portsmouth to catch a glimpse of the beauty with your own eyes.