Launched in 2006 with the support of The Daffodil Project, an avid local beautification committee, 490,000 daffodils have been planted throughout Newport during the past 9 years. However, the project is only halfway complete. Your help is needed to reach Daffodillion's ultimate goal of 1,000,000 daffodils in Newport. Thats right we want to become the daffiest city in America! Below is a message from the project director of Daffodillion:
Thank you from the bottom of our bulb bags for donating your time, effort and/or financial support to help plant over 11,000 daffodil bulbs these past weeks at Ballard Park, the Newport Art Museum, Redwood Library, Elks Lodge, Arnold Park, Cliff Walk, St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, the Newport waterfront, Cluny School, King Park, Thompson Middle School, St. Michaels, and the Tennis Hall of Fame.   Combined with the bulbs that Daffodillion gave away to Newporters and those that the city and RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority planted with our new bulb planting machine, there are now 106,000 more daffodils in the ground.   Our Daffodillion grand total now stands at 490,000 - nearly half-a-dillion!"   Newport will be a more beautiful place for generations to come, thanks to your going daffy.   With appreciation, The team at Daffodillion

Don't forget: Mark your calendars for the annual Newport Daffodil Days Festival, April 16-24th when well welcome the arrival of the newly planted bulbs throughout the city. [gallery ids="4167,4168,4169,4170,4171,4172" type="rectangular" link="file"]