We all might be a little sick of national and international holidays honoring food, friendship and drinks, but what better item to celebrate than our trusty sidekick; coffee. October 1 marks International Coffee Day, an entire 24 hours of honoring coffee grown, roasted and brewed to perfection all around the world.

Coffee is our friend, our ally and someone we can always count on in times of sleep deprivation and tasty cravings.  Here in the City by the Sea we may have some locally brewed grounds, but you might be surprised at how global our shops can be.

All the way from the Land Down Under to Little Italy we share our local shops in a global light. Celebrate this international holiday right and grab a cup of joe from your favorite shop today...it is a holiday, so instead indulge and try them all!



Little Italy on the Harbor: The Coffee Grinder in Newport, Rhode Island

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Craving some Italian love here in Newport? Get your fix at The Coffee Grinder located at the end of Bannister's Wharf, where they brew authentic Italian Espresso in their very own laCimbale traditional espresso machine.


From the Land Down under, to the Uptown of Bellevue: Meg's Aussie Milk Bar in Newport, Rhode Island

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Move over Flat White, There is a new Aussie King in town...and that is the "Tim Tam Slam"...intrigued...give it a try things could get up-close-and-personal...

And while you are there try their fantastic Aussie Iced Coffee.


We Hope to see you here: Angelina's in Bristol, Rhode Island

Life is like a cup of coffee...you never know what you are going to get. Okay that might not be the actual quote however, it rings true at Angelina's in Bristol...they always have something unique and global to share...featured here is a variety of African styled coffee beans.


On Island and Off Island: Empire Tea & Coffee, Newport...Middletown...Portsmouth...and...Bristol, Rhode Island

Each day Empire Tea & Coffee brews up a unique single origin coffee...check in daily to see what they have heated up today...a favorite of ours is their AMKA CoOp (YUM)


It's all in the name: Creplicious in Warren, Rhode Island

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With their coffee originating from the Pacific...take a trip across the world and enjoy your Creplicious coffee here at home. A favorite of ours? The Thai Iced Coffee...it is absolutely to-thai-for...

Bringing it back home: Custom House Coffee in Middletown, Rhode Island

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Locally roasted, and locally brewed. Custom House Coffee brings us full circle on our world tour of coffee...with beans from all over the world...leave it up to our friends at Custom House Coffee to share their local spin on our everyday cup of java.