Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh brewed coffee? All coffee lovers would have to say yes, but sometimes that smell could be deceiving. There is nothing worse after that aroma, than receiving a coffee that did not live up to your expectation. However,in Newport there is always somewhere to geta good cup of coffee,whether that isthe perfect iced brew on a hot day or a scolding cup on a bitter winter morning. Try our favorites, share your finds and tag us at #DiscoverNewport. Here are a few of our fancy favorites:



Where: Rosemary & Thyme Café

They have you covered with their Black Cat cold brewed coffee. This nitrogen infused coffee heaven is touched with a hint of chocolate and caramel. WARNING: it is highly caffeinated, you will have more than enough caffeine to take you through along day at the office or night full of studying. This brew can be paired with a fresh pastry or killer sandwich. Also, make sure you checkout their social media and website to be up-to-date on their hours.

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Where: Mokka Coffeehouse

Try an Iced Coconut Mocha from Newport's own Mokka locatedon lower Thames. Toinsure perfection, Order an Iced Mocha with a flavor shot of coconut. With their colored straws and safari theme you will be going wild for this brew. Be sure to leave the plastic at home, Mokka is cash only!

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Where: Empire Tea & Coffee

Want a cappuccino that both looks good and tastes great, Empire Tea & Coffee is your spot. With three locations, you could please your palate at any time. With different atmospheres at each location, there is always something that remains consistent and that is their cappuccino. Whether you are taking it away or staying in, the cappuccino at Empire Tea & Coffee hits the spot.

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Where: Coffee Grinder

Brighten your day with the "out-of-this-world" Americano brew at the Coffee Grinder on Bannister's Wharf. Sit and enjoy the water view (and coffee) on the Adirondack chairs and benches outside of the small shop. Don't go overboard with the caffeine and make sure to grab a pastry or light food item while you are there.

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Where: Meg's Aussie Milk Bar

Indulge in a Flat White from Meg's Aussie Milk Bar on Bellevue Ave. A drink that originated in Australia brought to America, for us to enjoy. This espresso boost will allow you to walk up and down Bellevue for hours. This unique and special spot will have you coming back for more Aussie treats.

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