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3 Ways to Celebrate National Lobster Day, September 25

September 25, 2017
by Brittany Lauro

Did you know lobster used to be considered poor man's food? Back in the 1700s, it was so over abundant that people became sick of it, resorting to feeding it only to animals, prisoners and indentured servants. Native Americans even used them as fertilizer and fish bait. Today, this shellfish is considered a deep-sea delicacy so favorable it's worth an entire day of recognition. September 25 marks National Lobster Day, and you better believe we're honoring our favorite crustaceans.



1. Take a lobster tour

Set sail aboard the 50 ft. fishing vessel Northeastern for a lobster tour with Fish'n Tales. Led by Captain Rob Demasi, a Rhode Island commercial fisherman with more than three decades of experience, the tour is part scenic adventure and part learning experience. Get up close and personal with lobsters, see how lobster traps are hauled, put on gloves and help bait the traps and sort the catch. 




2. Devour a savory lobster roll 

Newport County is famous for our seafood, especially our lobster rolls. It's no surprise they've been named among the best by publications like Yankee Magazine, Coastal Living and Yahoo. Head to Anthony's Seafood in Middletown, which was previously featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive In's and Dives, or make a stop at Easton's Beach and chow down on twin lobster rolls - that's two lobster rolls and fries for $15.87. Now that's celebrating. 


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3. Cook Your Own at Home

Newport Lobster Shack now ships their live seafood anywhere in the continental US! Wild caught by one of their co-op fishermen, the lobsters are feisty when they go into the box and just as feisty when they come out. The Lobster Shack ships Fedex Priority Overnight at discounted rates and delivers on the day you schedule on the checkout page.



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Author: Brittany Lauro

Brittany Lauro is the Social Media Manager at Discover Newport. When she is not blogging, Tweeting or Instagramming about the City by the Sea, she can most likely be found on the Cliff Walk with her dog, Dusty, or enjoying a glass of Chardonnay on one of Newport’s rooftop decks or sprawling seaside lawns. Her passions include writing, DIY and baking (to her roommates’ dismay).


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