Oliver Hazard Perry, the first ocean-going, full-rigged ship built in America in over a century will make its first-ever visit to its permanent mooring at Fort Adams State Park on Saturday, May 2. Twenty sails, 13.5 stories high, 200 feet long, seven miles of rope integral to the ship's operation and 14,000 square feet - a sight you don't want to miss.


Named after the Rhode Island naval hero of the War of 1812, the ship has a profile similar to that of ships constructed in the early 19th century, with spars crafted out of wood (most modern ships maintain spars constructed out of metal or carbon fiber) and a Great Cabin (historically known as the area where officers and their guests would reside) which boasts intricately carved wood paneling and ten one-inch thick, slanted windows. While the ships appearance is indeed reminiscent of the 19th century, it simultaneously maintains many modern amenities including biodiesel which supplements wind power, a science lab in one of the deck houses, and radar equipment. Perry sails as the Ocean States Official Sailing Education Vessel, carrying only students participating in academic and experiential learning programs aboard while engaging in all aspects of shipboard life, but will be open to the public for showings and tours through May 12



What: SSV Oliver Hazard Perry Public Showing and Tours

When : Saturday, May 2nd (anticipated afternoon arrival)

  • Public Showings: May 2nd May 12th
  • Public Tours: Saturday, May 9th Tues, May 12th | 9 am 5 pm Tuesday, May 12th | 9 am 3 pm

WHERE: Fort Adams State Park