We all understand that lobster is something we all cherish and enjoy, especially here in the City by the Sea. For National Lobster Day, we're making your celebrations as clawfully easy as we can. Here is your daily lineup for what to order, each hour, to truly celebrate National Lobster Day to thefullest (belly).

Lobster for Breakfast: Wake up and Smell the Shellfish 9:00AM: Ultimate Lobster Omelet from Franklin Spa


10:00AM: Eggs Fatulli from Annie's Restaurant

lobster benny 146 (2)

11:00AM:Signature Maine Lobster Hash from Castle Hill Inn

Castle Hill Lobster

Lobster, with a side of Lunch: 12:00PM: Twin Lobster Rolls at Easton's Beach Snack Bar

lobster roll 2 eastons beach_credit Discover Newport

1:00PM: King & Prince: Lobster Fettuccine from 15 Point Road

15 Point Rd Lobster Fettuccine _ Credit 15 Point Road

2:00PM: Lobster Mac n Cheese from the White Horse Tavern

white horse_lobster mac cheese_credit Discover Newport-7246

3:00PM: Bag of Doughnuts from The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar

Mooring Bag of Doughnuts

4:00PM: Lobster Bisque from Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant

Brick alley Lobster

Dinner with a View (of lobster): Grab your bib, and get ready to feast 5:00PM: Traditional Lobster Dinner at Anthony's Seafood Market & Restaurant

Anthony's Lobster

6:00PM: Lobster Avocado Salad at Aquidenck Lobster Bar (Perfect view for Sunset)

Lobster Bar

7:00PM:Homard et St. Jacques Cardinal Gratine from Bouchard Restaurant

stuffed lobster_credit Restaurant Bouchard

Late Night Treats: Finish off your night with these 8:00PM: Lobster Popover from DeWolf Tavern

dewolf tavern lobster wine_credit Jennifer Balch

9:00PM: Lobster Cocktail from Midtown Oyster Bar

Midtown Lobster