Our Classic Coast is famous for miles of enchanting coastline, awe-inspiring Gilded Age architecture, an eclectic shopping scene and dynamic culinary marvels, not to mention our fair share of history (379 years to be exact). But truth be told, you don't get to be this old without a few legends and folklore of ghoulish haunts. We rounded up haunted spots and festive must-do's for All Hallows' Eve below. 





The White Horse Tavern, America's Oldest Tavern

The oldest, and supposedly most haunted tavern in America, White Horse Tavern opened in 1673 at which point it served as a courthouse; a meeting place for Colonists, British soldiers, pirates, sailors and founding fathers; and lastly, a private residence. According to legend, and some tavern employees as well, several ghosts still occupy the tavern with accounts of beings tapped on the shoulder and footsteps overheard from nearby empty rooms reported often. Spirits are said to include an elderly man in Colonial clothing, a seamen who previously died on the premises, and a female reported floating above one of the dining tables. 


White Horse Tavern



Purgatory Chasm

The 160-foot long cliff overlooking Second Beach in Middetown is rumored to be haunted dating back to the 1600s. Legend believes there once was a Native American man chasing a young woman supposed to be the object of his affection. As they reached Purgatory Chasm, she leapt across to the other side while he unfortunately fell to his death. Legend believes his ghost is still trapped there searching for the woman.



Belcourt Castle

The sixty-room, Louis XIII style estate on Bellevue Avenue has a long reputation of being haunted. It was purchased by the Tinney Family in 1956, who used the estate to showcase their expansive art and antiques collection. On July 28, 1957, Belcourt opened its doors to the public for guided tours of the museum. One night, Harle Tinney awoke to find a man standing beside the bed wearing a long brown robe and a hat that covered his face. Moments later, the figure walked through the wall and disappeared. Years later, when the family was remodeling that same room, they discovered there used to be a doorway where the robed figured previously exited. 

Harle also recounts another haunted encounter in Haunted Newport:

"No one was home so I thought it was strange that the lights were on in the ballroom. Being naturally conservative and not wanting to burn the electricity unnecessarily, I went through the ballroom to turn out the lights. After I had turned off the switch, there was a very little light left. As I passed the front of the armor, something screamed at me. It was a horrible and loud, roaring sound. Then the lights went back on and I turned them off again and the armor screamed. When it screamed a third time, I ran as fast as I could from the room. The scream was terrifying. It sounded like someone was being killed."



Carey Mansion

Fans of the 1960's television series "Dark Shadows" would most likely recognize this French renaissance chateau located on Newport's Ruggles Avenue. Used for all of the external shots of the television series' Collins mansion, Carey Mansion has a bit of haunted history of its own. Edson Bradley built the mansion, originally known as Seaview Terrace, in 1907 in Washington DC. In the 1920s, Bradley relocated himself and his family to Rhode Island, and along with them came Seaview Terrace, dismantled into pieces and then rebuilt on Ruggles Avenue. In 1929, Julia Bradley, Edson Bradley's wife, died. Bradley held her funeral the chapel located within the mansion. Five years later, Edson himself passed away. One year later, the mansion became an exclusive all-girl summer boarding school, renamed Burnham-by-the-Sea where incidences of smoke detectors going off for no reason, bottles flying off desks and radios turning on and off by themselves were often reported. It's believed that Bradley's late wife Julia felt such a great attachment to the house that she refused to leave even after her death.


Seaview Mansion



Colt State Park

Colt State Park in Bristol originally operated as a farm until it was sold to the state. Prior to being sold, it is believed that a stable hand died in the barn. To this day, staff of the park shut off lights and close doors only to find them on or open when they return a few hours later. One visitor reported walking to his car in an area referred to as Suicide Hill when he saw two little girls walking up the path towards him who vanished as he got closer. A staff worker similarly confirmed that he has seen and heard the same girls giggling in the woods near that area. According to many, two young sister drowned in the waters in the 1970s. 





Trinity Church's Annual Pumpkin Patch offers a wide selection of pumpkins, mums, decorative cabbages, gourds and more. Once you've picked all your favorites, enjoy home-made goods, freshly popped popcorn and cider. 

When: 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: Queen Anne Square
Admission: Free



Kick off trick-or-treating with a fun family event. Arrive at 4:30 PM to begin lining up near the rear entrance of Town Hall. Parade begins at 5:00 PM.

When: 4:30 PM
Where: Parade begins Town Hall, Jamestown
Admission: Free



Halloween takes over Rough Point Museum during Roam Around hours on October 31. Experience the museum after the sun goes down and the lights are low, and hear recordings of ghost stories told by the staff who knew Rough Point at its spookiest. Costumes encouraged.

When: 5:00 - 7:00 PM
WhereRough Point
Admission: $10, free for children 12 and under



Step back in time to the Roaring 20s at the inaugural Halloween Speakeasy at Grace Vanderbilt. Enjoy craft cocktails, cigars, lively music, and canapes. Each guest will be greeted with a particularly spooky welcome toast. Take a walk through the 'pumpkin patch' outside on the terrace under the light of the moon, or enjoy dinner in the conservatory. Costumes are encouraged, and there will be a prize for the best dressed. RSVP for the password and a sneak peek at the grand prize.

When: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
WhereGrace Vanderbilt
Admission: Free



Take a lantern-led evening stroll down historic Newport's shadowy lanes and discover the ghosts, ghouls and legends of our haunted city by the sea.

When: 8:00 PM
Where: Tour departs from Mainsail Restaurant at Newport Marriott  
Admission: $17 adults, $16 seniors, $10 children 



This annual Halloween comedy show is full of costume contests, candy, and (of course) comedy. You don't have to arrive in costume, but if you do you may win a gift certificate to a local eatery, a gift card, or more. BYOB, candy offered all night.

When: 9:00 - 10:00 PM
WhereFirehouse Theater
Admission: $15



Enjoy live music by Los Duderinos on Halloween night at Pour Judgement where you can expect the staff to be in some festive costumes.

When: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
WherePour Judgement
Admission: Free




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