Ask any wine connoisseur what the most crucial step in the process of wine-making is and they will most likely answer "the harvesting." The time at which the grapes are picked is the most important factor that ultimately affects the final taste of your wine. That's because the amount of time the grapes spend on the vine determines their sugar and acid levels. Thus, the best winemakers (probably all of them, really) take this into consideration when choosing when the time to harvest is.

Over at Greenvale Vineyards, they've decided that time is now. They're calling all hands on deck to help harvest their grapes! Here's what you need to know:

The dates: Monday, October 19 - Friday, October 23

The shifts: 8am - 12pm or 12pm - 4pm

What to wear: waterproof shoes and clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty. Bring gloves if you can! The best part?

They're paying you in wine (it's like a dream come true). RSVP to or call 401.847.3777