Cooking is an acquired skill; one that takes time and patience to perfect, but in the end often proves rewarding. Foodies on Aquidneck Island need not worry about lacking the proper skills to engage their inner chef. With monthly classes taught by knowledgeable experts at Newport Cooks, your inner Ramsay, Ray and even Batali is just waiting to surface.


Wednesday, May 4 | 6-8pm
Newport Cooks 5 Ways to Prepare Perfect Salmon: Poached, Baked, Steamed & Sautéed w Chef Sharyn Singer
Learn about the different types of salmon and what to look for when purchasing it during this demonstration style class. Private Chef Singer will teach you five different recipes including Salmon en Papilotte, Baked Salmon, Poached Salmon and Sautéed Salmon, plus how to make Gravlax. Fee: $75 per student. Details.


Friday, May 6 | 6-8pm
Beginner Cheese Making: Ricotta, Yogurt, Creme Fraiche and Ghee
Susan Chiappini will demonstrate how to make ricotta, yogurt, and creme fraiche and ghee in your home kitchen. We'll then use fresh ricotta to make a light and flavorful gnocchi dish to share. All the best local resources for milk and cheese making supplies will be discussed. Fee: $65 per student. Details.


Thursday, May 12 | 6-8pm
The Art of Fish & Shellfish Charcuterie - Terrines, Sausage and pate 
Taking local fish, shellfish and seaweeds, Chef Christophe Jalbert blends his love of the ocean and charcuterie in this hands-on class where he'll teach you to make creative seafood terrines, pates and sausages. Plus, taste wines to compliment the menu. Fee: $65 per student. Details.


Saturday, May 14 | 4-7pm
Monthly French Regional Gourmet Dinner Night with Chef Alain Hugard
In this monthly 3 hour class, French Chef Alain Hugard, former Private Chef to Senator & Mrs. Claiborne Pell and the Barron Hilton family will share his love of cooking as one might in France - always emphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients, moderate portions, very few carbs and using low to no sugar. Monthly French Regional Gourmet Night with Chef Alain Hugard. In this month’s hands-on class he’ll teach you to make a grand menu of: Course 1: Mouclade (Mussel Soup) Course 2: Classic Coq au Vin Course 3: Paris Brest (Mocha Mousse in a Pate a Chou crown). Fee: $65 per student + BYOB. Details.


Monday, May 16 | 6-8pm
7 Days, 7 Ways to Prepare Delicious Pasture-Raised Pork
Using locally farmed Pasture-Raised Pork, Chef Deja Hart teaches us 5 easy to make, weeknight ready recipes to create your own farm-to-table meals at home. The menu you'll make in class: Schweinebraten (Traditional Austrian Pork Roast), Croque Monsieur, Chakra Pork, Pork Fried Rice and Crispy Shredded Pork Dumplings over Cabbage-Pepperoncini Slaw. Fee: $75 per student. Details.


Wednesday, May 18 | 6-8pm
Spanish Tapas, a Knife Skills Class
Brush up on your knife skills in this hands-on class as we prepare a hearty Spanish Tapas menu with Chef Alexandra Day. Classically trained at the French Culinary Institute in NYC, Chef Alex brings a multitude of culinary knowledge to each class she instructs. Note: You’ll want to bring your favorite knife to class, and be prepared for some fun slicing, dicing and learning new techniques. You'll eat everything you make and taste wine to compliment. Menu: Avocado Grapefruit Salad, Stuffed Tomatoes, Spanish Tortillas, Potatoes Bravas, and Mushroom Crostinis. Fee: $65 per student. Details.


Monday, May 23 | 6-8pm
Mastering Delicious Meatless Mondays 
No meat, no problem! In this hands on & demonstration style class, Private Chef Sharyn Singer will guide you through a number of delicious vegetarian appetizer and entree recipes, all with vegan and gluten-free options. A registered Naturopath and lifetime healthy food advocate, Chef Sharon will share helpful hints and tips to add flavor, texture and richness to vegetarian recipes that will have dyed in the wool carnivores asking for seconds! Fee: $65 per student. Details.