We know it's barely two weeks in, but August thus far has been full of delights (See: 40+ Things To Do This Month & Things To Do in August for $5 & Under), and along with it comes new galleries and exhibitions on display. From a celebration of contemporary women to the union of art and food and a glimpse into one man's secret artistry, August brings ample opportunity to tempt your creative side. 


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The eclectic gallery recently opened on historic Bellevue Avenue represents and sells traditional and contemporary works by established and emerging artisans to people who love and appreciate art. Artwork collection includes classic modernism, old world revisited, vintage maritime, coastal lifestyle and more. 

Location: Atelier, 200 Bellevue Avenue, Newport



The Mint Gallery

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The Mint Gallery thrives on the celebration of visual artistry and artisanal food experiences. Here you'll find incredible works of beauty and handcrafted items from local and national artists in a distinguished atmosphere with a metropolitan sensibility. Plus, artisan food events and creations from local celebrity chefs and international artists alike. 

Location: The Mint Gallery, 433 Hope Street, Bristol



Tennis in Newport: The Casino and Jimmy Van Alen



Redwood Library and the International Tennis Hall of Fame present this exhibition showcasing the early history of the Newport Casino and Jimmy Van Alen’s role in establishing the International Tennis Hall of Fame are examined in this collaborative exhibition in the Peirce Prince Gallery at the Redwood Library. The exhibition is divided into two sections: The Casino: Newport’s Playground, and the second, Jimmy Van Alen: Newport’s Last Grand Homme. On display through August 30, 2016.

Location: Redwood Library, 50 Bellevue Avenue, Newport


Splendor at Sea: The Golden Age of Steam Yachting in America


This exhibition held at Rosecliff Mansion highlights the luxurious private yachts of the era's industrial tycoons - floating palaces that were as richly furnished and elegant as their fabled mansions. Open daily through January 1, 2017.

Location: Rosecliff Mansion, 548 Bellevue Avenue, Newport 



Secrets Behind the Wall: The Don Trachte Replicas

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Don Trachte is the artist behind the “Henry” cartoon strip. In 1962, he bought Norman Rockwell’s painting Breaking Home Ties and after facing a bitter divorce, painted replicas of the Rockwell and seven other paintings by artists including Gene Pelham, Mead Schaeffer, and George Hughes. He hid the originals behind a false wall and displayed his replicas for decades. It was only after Trachte’s death in 2005, that the family discovered the hidden artwork. The NMAI is now displaying Trachte's replicas alongside many of the original paintings. Through September 4, 2016.

Location: National Museum of American Illustration, 492 Bellevue Avenue, Newport



Waterscapes: Islamic Architecture and Art from Doris Duke's Shangri La


The Newport Restoration Foundation presents Waterscapes: Islamic Architecture and Art from Doris Duke's Shangri La, Duke’s exotic oceanfront estate in Honolulu and the only home she built for herself from ground up beginning in the late 1930s. The exhibit explores the theme of water through objects on loan from Shangri La; photographs of the property and other historic sites that inspired its many fountains, pools, and cascades; and home movies from Duke's travels in North Africa, the Middle East, and India to buy art and furnishings for the house. Through November 6, 2015

Location: Rough Point Mansion, 680 Bellevue Avenue, Newport



Sanctuaries and Destinations: Clay Vessels in the Garden



Blithewold welcomes the bold lines and generous volumes of Stephen Procter's handmade ceramic vessels to Blithewold. Procter will be creating almost 20 vessels for Blithewold, which will stand harmoniously in the gardens throughout the estate. Procter explained his vision for the pieces during a visit with Blithewold staff at his studio on February 15. “As I’m making these pieces and thinking about them I’m tuning into my experiences of being at Blithewold,” Procter said, “rather than being inspired by classical vase forms, I am melding that with more organic forms inspired by hives and cocoons and seedpods, and I am imagining these works in that natural environment.” Through October 10, 2016.

Location: Blithewold Mansion, 101 Ferry Road, Bristol



Crossing the Line: Unofficial U.S. Navy Traditions

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Commemorating the crossing of the equator, as well as other significant crossings such as the Arctic Circle, the International Date Line, and the Panama and Suez Canals, the twenty-seven certificates on display date from 1908 to the present. On view from June 13-December 30, 2016.

Location: Newport Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport



Contemporary Women Artists



The Bristol Art Museum will be showcasing the work of some contemporary women artists. Through September 22, 2016.

Location: Bristol Art Museum, 10 Wardwell Street, Bristol