There’s been something unique about each of the seventeen annual release beers Newport Storm has produced since 2000. The first annual brew dates back 16 years and used Floor Malted Marris Otter Pale and Chocolate malts. Since then, the brewery has introduced beers featuring everything from Belgian aromatic malt and East African Cocoa to blue agave and chipotle peppers.


This year’s release maintains those original sweet notes from 2000, actually proving sweetest of them all. The idea came after Brewmaster, Derek Luke decided on designing an adult cold cocoa inspired by, you guessed it, hot cocoa. One of Derek’s favorite ingredients, chocolate, comes back again and is joined this time with vanilla and milk sugar, giving this beer a taste reminiscent of marshmallows. Cue excitement from our inner child.


Like any masterpiece, it took a few tries to find the perfect balance. “I used real marshmallows in one of our experimental batches, but since they’re filled with preservatives, the beer didn’t ferment. That wasn’t going to work for our beer or our beer fans,” explained Derek. So he went back to work and looked at homemade marshmallow recipes and learned their base ingredients are sugar, milk and vanilla.  As for that chocolate, it finds its way into this beer in two different ways: Baird's Chocolate malts help build the base for this beer and a unique extraction process from Cacao nibs from Ecuador and Ghana finish off the chocolatey flavor. 


Annual Releases are known for their unique flavors, extreme qualities, and higher ABV. As with the previous 16 annual brews before it, the ‘16 is a limited release. Roughly 3,000 bottles were produced and will be distributed in RI and PA. ABV 11%. For more information and details on where the ‘16 can be found, visit