Saying goodbye to summer isn't always easy, especially in our beautiful City by the Sea. The end of summer means trading in our Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Bahama for sweaters and closed toe shoes; we no longer and enjoy the sunlight until 8:30pm and the megayachts, slowly but surely, begin sailing southward, but that that does not mean that fall is not just as wonderful a season as summer.

There is nothing more lovely than a fall day in New England. The leaves change to burning autumn colors, the air feels brisk on your face, and you finally get to wear those great new boots that you got on sale last season. We know that it's painful watching them sit in the closet all summer. It's time to say goodbye to the smell of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and invite the poignant scent of burning leaves on a chilly night.


The fall is just a new chapter for us, filled with plenty of things to do, including walking and/or running through our foliage filled or exceptionally scenic trails. Here's s a list of some trails around here to get you started:


Cliff Walk: Cliff Walk is one of Newports greatest attributes. Here, you can walk or run along the ocean with views of the Gilded Age mansions, filling your exercise with beauty and history. Walking might be a better option here, as tourists enjoy walking along snapping photos of the surroundings.



Cliff Walk


Rose Island: Accessible by boat, you can spend the day being surrounded by Narragansett Bay. Aptly named Rose Island, legend has it that the island looks like a rose at low tide; see for yourself on your vigorous walk or run!


Bay Walk: A perfect place to go if you are looking for an incredibly scenic journey. Bay Walk is located in Fort Adams and, depending which route you take, can either take you to overlook Castle Hill or Clingstone, or on the other side, New York Yacht Club or Goat Island.


Weetamoo Woods: Weetamoo is a great spot for walkers and runners who enjoy a forest feel and watching the leaves begin the fall. Located in Tiverton, Weetamoo is a 750 acre park with rivers, animals and plenty of trails to choose from.




Audubon Education Center: This beautiful spot in Bristol is focused on conserving their beautiful land, which would make a perfect place to walk or run. Vast fields, lakes and incredible trees make up the area and make for an inviting atmosphere, especially in the fall.


Fort Barton: Another option in Tiverton, Fort Barton is one of the most historic trails in Rhode Island to choose from. During the Battle of Rhode Island, Fort Barton was an American launching ground for soldiers to use. Today, Fort Barton can give walkers and runners a historic atmosphere and you even may run into a Revolutionary War remake!


Start your adventures this weekend!

-Erica McLaughlin


Race image courtesy of Gray Matter Marketing