Ballard Exploration Company, Inc. will present the 12th Annual Illuminated Garden on Thursday, February 23rd through Saturday, February 25th, 2017 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM in Ballard Park. The free event features thousands of lights displayed on the trees and unique features of Ballard Park’s three-acre quarry meadow. 


Lights are set up by professional tree climbers and accompanied by student-created exhibits from area schools including Cluny School, Rogers High School and St. Michael's Country Day School. Keep your eye out for the oversized Lite Brite and a “luminary labyrinth” made from Chinese lanterns.


Event goers are advised to wear appropriate shoes or boots as the trail may be dark, muddy and uneven in places.  Ballard Park is located at the intersection of Hazard & Wickham Roads in Newport, RI.  The event may be accessed through the Hazard Road entrance.  The event is sponsored by the RI State Senate. 


For more information on the event visit or call 619.3377.


Ballard Park Illuminated Garden