The Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center is a historic theater located in downtown Newport. The theater shows new releases, documentaries, and classic films and the staff there likes to create a memorable, unique experience for their audience. Throughout the summer The Jane Pickens Theater will be showing films and on Sunday, August 3rd you can join them for a showing of the 1974 film The Great Gatsby. After you watch the film you will have the opportunity to tour Rosecliff, the mansion where much of the movie was filmed. The film will begin at 11am and the $20 ticket price includes a continental breakfast and tour of Rosecliff (if you just want to see the film it is $12 per ticket). This experience will take you right back to both the Roaring 20s and Gilded Age and you will get to experience how high society lived.

Other coming attractions at The Jane Pickens include Woody Allens Magic in the Moonlight (Woody Allen is here in Newport as we speak working on his next film with Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey!), Words and Picture Life Itself: The Roger Ebert Story, Alive Inside, Boyhood, Monthy Python Live (Mostly), A Streetcar Named Desire and more. Oh, and if you have never been, the theater has a totally-out-of-the-ordinary concession stand complete with wine, beer, gourmet goodies and of course, freshly popped popcorn!


For a complete list of coming attractions and events, visit Come out and enjoy a film at this historic theater it will be an experience you will never forget!


-By Hannah Kahl