I've been to an American stopover seven times now and can't recall anything as good as this. We waited 42 years to come to Newport and that was way too long. Knut Frostad, CEO of Volvo Ocean Race on the Newport stopover.

The Volvo Ocean Race has departed from Newport and the boats are officially on their way to Lisbon. While we miss them dearly, we wish the teams the best of luck and thank the 125,000 enthusiastic visitors and fans that traveled from all over the country (and you too, Canada!) to make this stopover one of the most successful. Luckily, we took a few photos (by a few, we mean hundreds) to keep the memories alive. Here are the highlights. See you in three years, Volvo! (Fingers crossed) [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1375,1378,1377,1376,1374,1373,1372,1371,1370,1361,1362,1363,1364,1365,1366,1367,1368,1369,1360,1359,1358"]

One of the nice things here in Newport is the knowledgeable audience. Everybody who's come to Fort Adams; so many of them follow the race so closely they know more about it than I do. They live and breathe it. You really start to understand how much it means to them. Ian Walker, skipper of overall race leader Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1356,1358,1357,1355,1354,1353,1352,1343,1344,1345,1346,1347,1348,1349,1350,1351,1342,1341,1340,1339" orderby="rand"] It was almost overwhelming--the energy and enthusiasm that everyone showed for this little event of ours--and even if just for a few hours you made us feel like rock stars. Thank you!!" Amory Ross, On-board reporter for Team Alvimedica

[gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1356,1358,1357,1355,1354,1353,1352,1343,1344,1345,1346,1347,1348,1349,1350,1351,1342,1341,1340,1339" orderby="rand"]

All of the stopovers have a different feel, but none of them have boats sailing back and forth in the Race Village. There are hundreds of boats on the water every day. The nautical setup here is unlike any other race village we've been to. Matt Knighton, On-board reporter for Abu Dhabi

[gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1338,1337,1336,1335,1334,1325,1326,1327,1328,1329,1330,1331,1332,1333,1324,1323,1322,1321,1320,1319" orderby="rand"] The crowds who came down and showed their support, the people who put their boats in early, the classrooms that have been following all along, those who joined us for Pro Ams, those who joined us for the In Port Race, those who jumped off as we departed. Charlie Enright, Skipper for Team Alvimedica [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1297,1298,1299,1300,1301,1302,1303,1304,1305,1306,1315,1314,1313,1312,1311,1310,1309,1308,1307,1316,1317,1318" orderby="rand"]

This is above and beyond what we could have imagined. Nick Dana, Boat Captain for Team Alvimedica