We all know that taking a drive down Ocean Drive will typically end in the perfect photo-op for a quality instagram. While that is still acceptable in the Wintertime, here are a few other places that showcase their charm during the colder months...many of these much easier to get to as well...



Without all of the cars driving and people interrupting your perfect photo opportunity, Washington Square is the perfect Winter-worthy instagram spot. Blanketed with a little snow, and you are in for a real treat:


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The hustle and bustle of the wharves lives in the photos of the summer, and is just waiting for your camera to capture its solitude and beauty. Perfect time to go? Right after a snowfall with a cute hat a cozy mittens:




Beaches are perfect at any time of year. They may not be ideal for catching some rays, but of the sound of the waves and the closeness to the rest of the world still stays at the beach. Best part of all....no charge to park for the beach! You can take your perfect photos at any time of day and not have to worry about the beach being full or expensive:



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If you live in Newport or you are a frequent visitor, the Pell Bridge has definitely made it into your Instagram at some point. In our opinion, its beauty really shines in the Winter months. With ice capped rocks and beautiful winter skies the Pell Bridge always makes for a prime Instagram:



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While others shop and walk along the icy bricks, sit back and take some fabulous shots of the snow structures or maybe even capture some ice sculptures being carved and displayed:


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Oh Bellevue, our peaceful beautiful street that is perfect at anytime of the year. Want to see it really sparkle? Venture uptown at first sight of snow and you might be able to capture a shot like these:



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Unfortunately you will have to skip the drinks on the lawn during the colder weather, but being able to park and venture out to the Castle Hill Lighthouse will be a breeze (literally)...with the lighthouse as a foreground or background you will definitely "get the shot": 





The mansions look good at any time of the year....they may not all be open...but boy...the ones that are look mighty fine blanketed in snow!


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