Newport Burger Bender HERO 2020

Newport Burger Bender 2019

Creative Champion:

Chomp Kitchen & Drinks


Jamie Coelho, Associate Editor at Rhode Island Monthly and author of The Dish, the magazine's popular newsletter, has crowned Chomp's "Towering Inferno" the Creative Champion. "Not only were the toppings nostalgic and over-the-top (Andy Capp Hot Fries and deep-fried jalapeno and cheddar cream cheese bomb), but the patties themselves were unmatched," said Coelho. "The mortadella pork patty had such a rich flavor and quality texture, and the dollop of guacamole gave me just enough reassurance that it was just a tiny bit healthy."

Congratulations! You’ve got buns, hon!


The Towering Inferno


A bottom bun stacked high with lettuce, tomato, a mortadella pork patty, pepper jack cheese, roasted jalapeno and cheddar cream cheese, deep-fried funyuns, beef patty, American cheese, bacon, Andy Capp hot fries, guacamole and a top bun.