Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist Program

February 2, 2019 - July 20, 2019
Recurring weekly on Sunday, Saturday
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Each weekend seminar is approximately $326 separately. The entire 6-month program is $2,900.
Location: SAMA
26 Mumford Ave
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 680-3934

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Students will become proficient as a “hands-on healer” using the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic healing principles and touch therapy systems to help remedy the stress of today’s world. Students will learn the foundations of medical Ayurveda, how to access and classify pain, find specific pain remedies, specific applications of oils, poultices, thermo and hydrotherapy, healing muds/pastes, marma pressure points, herbal potions and the anointing of other therapeutic substances on the body. Students will learn how to harmonize bodywork modalities with the seasons, doshic diet and routine protocols, using neutral, safe and innocuous oils, energy medicine, intuitive awakening of the soul’s innate healing gifts, therapeutic applications and pastes as well as be able to demonstrate proficiency using hands-on techniques. The material in this manual is rooted in the ancient healing modalities of ‘pancha karma’, a Sanskrit word referring to India’s ancient purification and rejuvenation system. Students will uncover modified, yet sacred and powerful versions of this ancient system. The scope of practice that this impressed upon the reader is geared for the “general” population, where the disease process has not advanced past the 4th stage. Clinical pancha karma should be performed with or by a doctor and is a very medically effective, time-proven approach that transforms the human physiology.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest hers/his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease” — Thomas Edison

This course was not designed for diagnostics, pulse analysis, or the replacement of a licensed massage therapy program or the allopathic medical profession, but instead, designed for harmonious integration into all indigenous and traditional medical systems. It helps if students have a massage license prior to enrolling in this course, but is not a prerequisite for this course. Though it may be a prerequisite at the “state level”, for legal reasons, if graduates intend to charge for the services outlined in this book. We recommend learning rules in the particular state in which you reside or wish to practice regarding the legality of professional massage therapy, as each state is different. Some states allow for spiritual touch healing with an online minister’s license. Shirodhara Therapy can be done, with some exceptions, without massaging the body. Therefore it may one of the therapies that would fall under the category of spiritual touch healing, not requiring a license. Each state will have a different name and description for such categories as well. Continuing Ed credits via NCBTMB available.

“Health is equilibrium of the dhatus. Health is happiness, disease is unhappiness.”
Charaka Samhita Su 9/3

Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist Program
  • February 2, 2019 - July 20, 2019
  • SAMA
  • Each weekend seminar is approximately $326 separately. The entire 6-month program is $2,900.
  • Recurring weekly on Sunday, Saturday