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Gong Sound Bath

6:30 PM
Location: The Yellow Building
73 Muse Way
Tiverton, RI

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A gong sound bath immerses listeners in waves of sacred and healing sound. Deb Stevens, using a variety of Tibetan gongs, bells, and chimes, will bathe you in peaceful sustained waves of primordial sound. Listeners typically experience a sense of well-being as the sacred gong sounds restore the free flow of energy throughout the body. Some listeners describe out-of-body experiences, or seeing images, colors, or symbols behind their closed eyes.

Gong sounds can induce a spontaneous meditative state, offering you a path to expanded awareness and higher consciousness. A gong sound bath can help with stress-related issues, depression, fatigue, or other conditions related to a lack of balance and harmony in the body. The listener simply relaxes and lets the soothing sounds bathe her body, mind, and spirit. "Gongs have all the sounds of the universe," says Stevens. "The sound waves actually travel through you. I’m just playing a gong. I’m just the messenger." Bring mats or blankets for comfort on the floor. Chairs will also be available.

Gong Sound Bath