The Preserve Infrared Sauna

1038 Aquidneck Avenue
Suite B
Middletown, RI 02842
(401) 300-0757

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We are a space of health & wellness providing you access to the latest and proven successful technology in an environment where science coexists with holistic values. Laurel Handel and Diane Dailey have been enjoying and experiencing the benefits of using an infrared sauna for quite some time. After verbalizing their love for the sauna and seeing the benefits in their skin, joints, calories burned and overall how great they felt after consecutively using the sauna a few times per week, they decided they needed to open a business where others could experience this as well. Book your appointment with us at The Preserve located at 1038 Aquidneck Avenue, Studio B in Middletown RI and join #ThePreserveMovement.