Newport Wellness Week

January 19th - 25th, 2019

Start the year off right by focusing on lifelong health and wellness solutions. Join us for this annual celebration of mind, body and spirit featuring a diverse array of events throughout the destination tailored to help you become the best version of yourself.


Reflections of Mind, Body & Spirit

"The community accepted the inaugural Newport Wellness Week with open arms & we could not be more excited. We learned that the community did indeed want even more connection to the health & wellness offerings in our area..." Meredith Ewenson, Newport Wellness Week / Wellness Marketplace Co-Organizer


We were surprised to learn how many people were ordering our products online, because they didn't know we we're the Island.  We will be doing greater outreach to connect with the local community. Without the Wellness Week Marketplace, we would not have this new insight! - Natalie, L'Occitaine


"Newport Wellness Week was a Success!! Total home run! So fun! Everyone was really mixing it up - networking, talking to others, creating opportunities, business owners collaborating. Not one negative comment." - Kelly Clemens


"So excited to be a part of this!! Such an awesome day!!!! Thank you." - Jess Laudati, Seaside Yoga

Newport Wellness Marketplace

To kick-off a week of wellness, please join us at our Newport Wellness Marketplace on Sunday, January 20th in the Atrium at Newport Marriott!

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