Affectionately known as “America’s Most Patriotic Town,” Bristol is a hidden gem that epitomizes life in a charming New England town. This a picturesque waterfront locale is the kind of place where the locals know each other yet are still quick to greet visitors. The perfect jumpstart to a sunny morning is found at Colt State Park where you’ll find 464 glorious acres intersected by the stunning East Bay Bike Path, a 14.5-mile trek that extends all the way to Providence. When it’s time to settle down to savor local flavor, restaurant options range from casual seafood shanties to historic taverns, internationally-influenced bistros to a critically-acclaimed farm to fork find. Bristol is best known for their annual Fourth of July Parade, the oldest parade in America. Inaugurated in 1785 by veterans of the Revolutionary War, today’s Bristolians continue the long-standing tradition with reverence and pride, with dividing lines on Hope Street painted red, white, and blue all year long while tens of thousands take in the all-American celebration.