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Motorcoach Information

Maps, Rules and Regulations

Welcome, motorcoaches! Our coastal city is more than 375 years old, which means we’re no stranger to narrow streets and unexpected nooks and crannies. Please follow our rules and regulations for your safety and the safety of your passengers, and use our helpful map for highlights including seven designated motorcoach drop-off zones throughout the city. Download our guide Touring Newport by Motorcoach.

Parking Registration Form

Also, please complete the Parking Registration Form required for all motorcoach tours visiting Newport.

Important Tour Bus Parking Advisory

The Newport Transportation & Visitor’s Center is currently undergoing an extensive exterior renovation project in the Motorcoach Transportation Hub area, adjacent to the parking lot. These improvements include new solid roof shelters that will provide better passenger protection, repaving to ensure ADA compliance, improved signage and exterior lighting, and attractive landscaping.

Until the renovations are complete, we are unable to accommodate motorcoaches in the transportation hub area. During the renovation, all motorcoaches are required to drop off and pick up in the following locations:

  1. Bus Lane at Perrotti Park
  2. Turnaround next to the Red Parrott Restaurant.

For locations of the drop off points refer to the Touring Newport by Motorcoach  map, rules and regulations here.

While there is no bus parking available during our renovations, our Visitor’s Center remains open to the traveling public, daily from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and we will continue to provide information, maps, restrooms, free WiFi, as well as tour, attraction and event tickets.

Based on the current construction schedule (weather permitting), the busway and berths should be completed by mid - June 2017. Should there be any significant changes to this schedule, we will relay that information right away.

If your group has any questions or needs any assistance in group planning please contact: Ryan Foster, Group Tour Manager for Discover Newport at (401)-845-9119 or

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during our renovations. Thank you!