From some of the most historic sites in the country to panoramic ocean views and architecture that will absolutely take your breath away, you're going to want to get up close and personal with this Classic Coast of ours. 

Feel free to park your ride in these lots, streets and somewhat secret spots, get out and enjoy the view. Here's everything you need to know.





23 America's Cup Avenue, Newport
The Gateway Center serves as Newport's main transportation hub, with buses and trolleys departing regularly. Park your car in the lot and get on a trolley to travel throughout town worry-free.

Note: The Newport Visitor Information Center has moved from 23 America's Cup Avenue to 21 Long Wharf Mall, however the Newport Visitor Information Van is located just outside the gateway center and stocked with brochures on shopping, dining, events, things to do, maps and more.

The Gateway Parking Lot can accommodate only a limited number of recreational vehicles (RVs) and no vehicle over 24 feet long is permitted in the lot. Tall vehicles and vehicles with roof-carriers must use the Bolhouse St. entrance due to the height restrictions at the America’s Cup Ave. entrance.


  • November 1 - April 30: Free 
  • May 1 - October 31: $2 for the first half hour; $1.50 for each additional half hour. Maximum per day $24.50
  • Newport Residents: 3 hours free, once per day. (Resident Sticker required) 
​Hours of Operation:
  • Daily: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM




Located between lower Mary Street and lower Church Street
The Mary Street lot offers more than 100 parking spaces, plus a public restroom open daily in season, and operates on a Pay & Display system; pay at the display stations and place your receipt on the dashboard in your car. A public restroom is located in the lot and is open seasonally May 1 - October 31.

  • November 1 - April 30: Free 
  • May 1 - October 31: $3 per hour; $20 per day; $30 overnight (good until 9:00 AM the following day)
  • Newport Residents: Up to 3 hours free, once per day. (Residents with a valid Resident sticker must enter their license plate number in the pay station to receive up to 3 free hours of parking once per day)
Hours of Operation: 
  • May 1 - October 31: 24 hours; Restrooms close daily at 8:00 PM. 



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Easton's Beach, Memorial Boulevard
The Easton's Beach lot is accessible from Memorial Boulevard. Due to the pandemic, parking capacity is limited.

  • Memorial Day - September 1: Residents Seasonal Parking passes: Residents $50 Seniors $30.  Non-Residents $15 per car weekdays. $25 per car weekends and holidays


Hours of Operation:
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM




The Touro Street parking lot is accessible from Clarke Street and offers 32 available spaces. Parking is limited to three hours. The lot runs on a Pay & Display parking meter which accepts coins, bills and credit cards. Simply select the number of hours you will be parked, make your payment and then place the receipt on your dashboard. 

  • November 1 – April 30: Free 
  • May 1 - October 31: $1.25 per hour 
  • Newport Residents: Up to 3 hours free, once per day. (Resident Sticker required) 


Hours of Operation: 
  • Daily: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM




The Long Wharf parking lot is accessible from America's Cup Avenue, and, like Touro, is a small lot of approximately thirty spaces. Parking is available for a maximum of nine hours per day. Payment is operated by a Pay & Display machine, which accepts coins, bills and credit cards. Simply select the number of hours you will be parked, make your payment and then place the receipt on your dashboard.

  • November 1 - April 30: Free 
  • May 1 - October 31: $1.25 per hour


Hours of Operation: 
  • Daily: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM



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  • November 1 - April 30: No fee for parking at meters, but a 3 hour limit is in effect until 6:00 PM daily.
  • May 1 - October 31: Metered parking is in effect 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily. 
  • Downtown meters: $1.25 per hour, 3 hour limit
  • Beach meters on Memorial Blvd: $2 per hour, 3 hour limit 


Note: all meters accept coins or credit cards




Parking for Cliff Walk and Forty Steps is located at the end of Narragansett Avenue with a pay-by-plate parking meter. The Pay Station is located next to the restrooms. Metered Parking is in effect from 9 AM – 9 PM and is $1.25 an hour. Enter your license plate number and make your payment - there's no need to put a receipt on your dashboard. Machine accepts credit cards, dollars and coins. Restrooms are open daily from 8 AM - 7 PM.




Handicap parking is free in designated handicap spaces on public streets. The meters do not need to be fed and parking stickers are not required.




Various locations throughout the city exist without metered parking if you can find an available space, including Spring Street, one block up from Thames Street, Broadway and Wellington Avenue, located on lower Thames. 

Note: Due to the current pandemic, limited parking is available on Broadway, as many of the parking spaces in front of  restaurants have been transformed into outdoor dining areas.




The Residential Sticker Parking Program, in effect this year from June 1, 2020 - October 1, designates specific streets as Residential Sticker Parking streets which means that parking is restricted only to vehicles displaying a residential parking permit. Keep an eye out for signs on the streets where these restrictions are enforced as the rules vary from street to street.








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