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A classic is enduring. Like the ocean, it doesn’t strive to be. It just is

A visit to The Classic Coast—nine vibrant and historic towns all sharing some seriously prime New England coastline—is both everything you expect and enjoyably unpredictable. This is a place and a people made of surf and soul; raised by the ocean and built by eccentric and outspoken rebels some 300-plus years ago. If you’re looking for classic Colonial architecture and breathtaking New England landscapes, we’ve got ‘em. Trust us. But it’s a feeling you get here that’ll make you never want to leave. It’s that feeling of being away yet connected; switched off yet inspired; engaged yet refreshed. There’s no word for it, but it happens every day on the Classic Coast. 

Now who’s hungry for some chowder?


Local Photographers Re-Imagine The Classic Coast

Chris Hunter - In My Element | Newport, RI