Group Activities Newport, RI

Themed Sample Itineraries

There is so much to see and do in our destination it can be overwhelming. Here you’ll find some helpful themed sample itineraries to inspire your tour offerings. Download the tour flyers for suggestions on crafting your own group tour. Questions? Contact Group Tour Manager Ryan Foster today!


Red, White and Beautiful Tour

With a rich history that spans three centuries, Bristol, Rhode Island is one of New England’s hidden gems. Bristol has celebrated its indepen­dence since 1785 with a parade that rivals any other, the oldest continuous Fourth of July Celebration in the nation! The parade route is lined with historic homes that are meticulously kept and our flag waves proudly throughout the town. The main street is adorned with a red, white and blue center stripe year-round; a testament to the place where patriotism is palpable. Download tour flyer.


Catch of the Day Tour

Anchors aweigh! Experience Newport’s seafaring past and present. Newport earned its reputation as a prosperous seafaring city during the Colonial Era when it was one of the five largest ports in North America. Today, the City’s legacy lives on as the fishing industry continues to have a large presence throughout Newport Harbor and the Ocean State. Download tour flyer.


Corsets & Top Hats Not Required Tour

First you will meet Mrs. Caroline Astor, the Grande Dame of Newport and New York Society and the head of “The 400.” Her ballroom could only accommodate 400 guests at one party; therefore, no one else was worth knowing in society. Mrs. Astor will give the group a 19th Century Newport city tour. Although her “coach” is much more opulent than yours, you may have more horsepower. Download tour flyer.


Everything's Coming Up Roses Garden Tour

Begin at Doris Duke’s Rough Point Estate surrounded by a stunning landscape with a distinguished history. Frederick Law Olmsted, the renowned landscape architect and designer of Central Park, created the grounds for Frederick W. Vanderbilt. Completed in 1890, the site still reflects Olmsted’s original vision of a landscape that enhances the natural beauty of Newport’s breathtaking rocky shoreline. More than 35 different varieties of dahlias are grown here and the rose arbor, with its spectacular American Pillar Rose display, is not to be missed. Download tour flyer.


Holly Jolly Newport Christmas Tour

The halls are decked with boughs of holly, the chorus is warmed up and the hot cocoa is ready to be served! The glitter of gold and the sparkle of silver will dazzle you as you tour the magnificent Newport Mansions, resplendent in yuletide finery. Twinkling white lights illuminate the charming historic harbor and wharves, the restored Colonial Era homes of Historic Hill, and the windows of shops along legendary Bellevue Avenue. Some say there is no time quite as magical as the holidays in Newport and Bristol County. Download tour flyer.


Newport’s Rum-Volution Tour

Experience a glimpse of Newport’s past with our newly introduced tour. In 1969, Newport was considered one of Colonial America’s most thriving port cities due in large part to the infamous Triangle Trade. Twenty-two local rum distilleries established the city as the Rum Capital of the World. By the mid-1800s however, due to the British occupation during the revolution as well as increased production costs, all the distilleries shut their doors and for 135 years the once-thriving industry lay dormant. Until now…Download tour flyer.


JFK In Newport

The legacy of John F. Kennedy is synonymous with New England, especially in Newport. President Kennedy treasured the City by the Sea, including his wartime training at the Newport Naval Station, his wedding at St. Mary’s Church, watching the America’s Cup races off Newport’s shores and his “Summer White House years” at Hammersmith Farm. Journey back and experience the stories that lead to the Camelot legacy.  Download tour flyer.