As advocates for the City by the Sea, we live, breathe, eat and sleep Newport & Bristol County. You could say we know it like the back of our hand. It makes sense, then, that we're often asked where our favorite spots for everything and anything are. And while we know every place in our destination has something special of its own to offer, we each have our own favorite restaurant, landmark, coffee shop or place to catch the setting sun that we'll return to time and time again. 


You asked, we're answering. One by one. 


Discover Newporter: Julie Grant. 

Julie is the Marketing Assistant at Discover Newport. Julie is usually found taking photos of everything from her friends to her food. She is always keeping up with her social media, which is key while in the City by the Sea.  Her typical day usually includes a sunset bike-ride on Ocean Drive, followed by an order of Pad Thai and a glass of Merlot. 



I have two! By far my favorite event that I have been to in Newport was the Volvo Ocean Race.  Even though this only has happened once…and only occurs but once every three years—it brought such a community feel to the local spots in and around town.  Everywhere you went there were Volvo signs and banners, and it was the place to be for the two weeks that they were in town. I never want to rush time, but I really cannot wait for 2018 to come for it to be back! 
To keep it more local, my favorite Newport focused event would definitely have to be the Aquidneck Growers Market on Memorial Blvd every Wednesday during the summer. The lively and homey atmosphere and community feel makes me appreciate my time here in Newport each week. 




This is the hardest question, and I am always asked… so I am going to do a running list & let’s break it down by meals:

Breakfast: Belle’s Café at the Newport Shipyard has dream worthy pancakes that I actually dream about during the wintertime. Another place that I frequent for breakfast would have to be Corner Café—because when a place serves Breakfast all day…you know they are doing something right!

Lunch: The two spots that you will find me at for lunch are…Rosemary & Thyme and Cru Café. Two places with very unique dishes and amazing output. My favorite dishes you might ask? I don’t have one because EVERYTHING on their menus are good—TRUST ME! For something a little different, I will head over to Mission and grab one of their delicious hot dog and call it a day. 

Dinner: To start, Smokehouse’s Pulled Pork Nachos or their Mac & Cheese. Question? Do they bottle & sell that BBQ Sauce (asking for a friend). Thai Cuisine…I’ll admit it when I say I am addicted to Pad Thai & a sucker for Drunken Noodles. Last…but not least…you can never go wrong with a meal from Pasta Beach whether it be a pizza or a pasta dish there is always something authentic to try. 



I am a huge advocate of Empire’s Total Body tea…perfect for a cold winter day or get it iced for a day at the beach. For coffee, I love Mokka. Now with their new location tucked on Thames Street I will get myself a coffee and spend a few hours in their courtyard…great for getting work done or just enjoying the day.



My favorite is by far The Elms. The décor and back garden always have me blown away. The rich history and beautiful landscapes always have me coming back for more. 





It wouldn’t be secret if I told you would it. The best secret spots are the ones you find by accident. A favorite of mine is at the tail end of the Cliff Walk near Rough Point.




With the sun setting and a slight breeze the most perfect cocktail is at the Midtown Oyster Bar outside deck on the 2nd floor. With their great cocktail menu and killer Mojito & not to mention perfect view of the water and Thames street, this is a prime cocktail spot. 




I can’t give away all my secrets…but my favorite sunset spot is at the far end of King Park near Coddington Wharf. With a picturesque harbor and perfect view of the bridge, you will have sunset memories that will last a lifetime




Community events. There are so many community events that happen in Newport from music, art to film. Some of my favorite things are Christmas in Newport, the newportFILM outdoor events and community yoga at the beach! These events can be free of cost or just a few dollars, but they are always worth it. Make sure to check out the Discover Newport event calendar to check out all of the events that happen locally!