New England’s most reliable snowplow clears beaches day and night, keeping the band of land at water’s edge walkable—and enjoyable if you’re dressed right. Wintertime waves are mesmerizing; the ocean’s restorative energy a constant. So why not heed salt water’s call when lodging rates—and seashells—are the best you’ll find all year? These beloved coastal communities have quieter alter egos worth getting to know. Read on for a list of the best winter ocean weekends in New England.



Best 5 Winter Ocean Weekends in New England

Newport, Rhode Island | Best 5 Winter Ocean Weekends in New England

Vicki Juaron/Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND Now is when locals can sip coffee as they steer along Ocean Drive: no constant braking required. It’s when getting out on the water means etching your way across the Newport Skating Center’s freshly groomed ice. Stepping out on the Cliff Walk or Easton’s Beach is invigorating. Mansions, the Audrain Automobile Museum, Newport Vineyards’ Saturday farmers’ market, and other attractions offer indoor respite. And overnight guests appreciate the Chanler at Cliff Walk’s butler-drawn aromatherapy baths or afternoon tea at Castle Hill Inn (pictured above) all the more. The back half of February brings 10 days of Winter Festival fun, and Saint Patrick’s Day turns the city green long before spring does.

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