Date: Thursday, August 3rd (the Thursday before Jazz Fest)
Time: 11:00 AM -8:30 PM
Location: Lawn of the Great Friends Meeting House (21 Farewell St) off of Broadway
Admission: $15 online/@TheKingsLens/@MissionNPT beforehand; $20 at door day of.


Jamie Horoszko is a 23-year-old graduate of Salve Regina University. Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, he studied marketing and has worked internships for the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Newport Festivals. His passion for the people and culture as well as his love for the ocean has kept him bound to Aquidneck Island since his graduation last May. 

Horoszko, along with business partner Patrick Murphy and local burger joint Mission, founded Newport's first music and arts festival featuring solely local artists. The festival is set to take place Thursday, August 3 from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM on the lawn of Great Friends Meeting House.


Q: What can visitors expect from the festival?

Visitors to Live Local can expect a comprehensive look at what it means to be a local in Newport through the creative expressions of those inspired by the culture here. Expect a day of music that will feature a variety of genres from rock to folk, jazz, hip hop and more from all local musicians.

Art will also cover a wide range; attire will be available from Newport staple Water Brothers and the new, hip, Bohemian Bias. There will be a live board shaving by Tora surfboards as well as a live fish printing by artist John Harrington and Dylan Currier as well as unique jewelry from Lazuli Handcrafted and more. Not to mention creative pieces and prints from the Kings Lens and Friends.

Finally, no Newport experience is complete without good food and drink. Food will be catered by vendors such as Winner Winner, Tallulah's Taqueria, PVDonuts, Binge BBQ and Benjamin's Raw Bar so that visitors can get a taste of everything Newport has to offer. As far as beverages go, the beer garden will be manned by local breweries Foolproof, Newport Storm, Grey Sail, and Farmer Willies.

In short, visitors can expect a full day of great music, art, food, and vibes.


Q: Where did your inspiration come from for starting a festival of this nature?

As someone not originally from Newport, my first introduction to this city was when I attended Salve Regina, where I was exposed to a very narrow viewpoint on what Newport has to offer. After meeting some local residents such as Patrick my eyes were opened to the beauty, creativity, toughness, and diversity that Newport has to offer. From the graffiti ridden Bells of Brenton Point to the personal jam sessions of Perro Salado, Parlor, and Jimmy’s, I saw how the creative music and art scene is just looking for an opportunity to burst. Discussing this with Patrick, he mentioned how he had always dreamed of hosting a music festival in Newport and gears began turning. As a marketing major with a passion for music and a frequent attendee of music festivals, I had been looking for a way to jumpstart a career within the musical realm and it seemed like fate. With my experience working within businesses such as the Tennis Hall of Fame and Newport Festivals and Pats intense passion, creativity, and connections (as well as some fabulous design work by the wonderful Ali Downes and consulting from the ever capable Anna Jenkins) we decided to commit to our vision and have been thrilled with the results so far.


Q: What sets Live Local Music and Arts Fest apart from other festivals?

What sets Live Local apart from other festivals is the consistent personality and genuineness that will be evident to anyone attending it. This event was not created to make a profit, it was created because of a genuine love for the place we live in and a desire to display this immense creativity and potential to as many people as possible. We believe in what we’re doing and have gathered together a variety of individuals that share this passion and will work together to create something great together.


Q: What aspect of the festival are you most looking forward to?

What I’m looking forward to the most is the musicians and artists getting the credit they deserve and showing visitors and residents of Newport alike the aspects of this city I had been blind to for so long. The variations of creativity that will be present is not something anyone should miss.