Stunning scenery is synonymous with Newport. From scenic trails and miles of unspoiled coastline to bustling wharves and buildings steeped in historic charm, Newport boasts some of the most picturesque sights in the world. There's #NoFilterNeeded for these scenic spots just begging to be captured.



The Newport Bridge is so Instafamous that it has developed it's own hashtag and is now warmly regarded as #ThatNPTBridge. Day or night, from Newport (Pro tip: the Van Zandt Pier is perfect for an up close and personal shot), from Jamestown, by boat, by helicopter, from near, from afar -- it doesn't matter; a photo of this 51 year old bridge will blow all your Instagram competition out of the water, literally. 



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Tucked away in the quaint town of Bristol, Colt State Park is often referred to as the "gem" of the state park system. Stone walls, curving drives along one of the states most spectacular shorelines and 464 acres of sprawling lawns come together to create the most worthy of Instagram sights.



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Built in 1880, the International Tennis Hall of Fame is more than just a historic site that's easy on the eyes. The museum indoors chronicles the history of tennis through interactive exhibits, factoids and memorabilia from champions of both past and present. Outside, you'll find grass tennis courts (some of the only in the country) surrounded by Victorian-single style architecture. It's purely dreamy, to say the least.





One of Newport's most beloved attractions, the Cliff Walk affords breathtaking scenery with 3.5 miles of rocky coastline and crashing waves on one side and stunning Gilded Age mansions on the other. It's unlike anything else in the world. Cue Instagrid envy. 



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Once occupied as a coastal defense battery and training camp during the American Revolution, Fort Wetherill in Jamestown sits atop 100-foot-high granite cliffs across the water from Fort Adams State Park with unparalleled views of Narragansett Bay. Perfect for reveling in a famous NPT sunrise.

Pro tip: Looking for a little bit of grunge? The physical fort is somewhat of a graffiti masterpiece. 



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This granite tower was first lit in 1890 and is, some might say (or at least we do) the Taj Mahal of Newport. Standing 34-feet tall and overlooking Narragansett Bay with views of the bridge in the distance, this (slightly hidden) gem is waiting to be the envy of your followers.



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The historic 10-mile drive is filled with picturesque views of mansions and endless coastline. Park your car at Brenton Point and enjoy the heavenly oasis.



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