As advocates for the City by the Sea, we live, breathe, eat and sleep Newport & Bristol County. You could say we know it like the back of our hand. It makes sense, then, that we're often asked where our favorite spots for everything and anything are. And while we know every place in our destination has something special of its own to offer, we each have our own favorite restaurant, landmark, coffee shop or place to catch the setting sun that we'll return to time and time again. 


You asked, we're answering. One by one. 


Discover Newporter: Ryan Foster

Ryan is the Tourism Sales Manager at Discover Newport. He loves getting outside to enjoy the natural beauty of Newport and Bristol counties, often on a longboard or while walking the dog. On weekends you’ll catch Ryan snowboarding or indulging in the local bars and restaurants near his home in Bristol.




Newport International Boat Show – because a man can dream. But also, to me, this event encompasses just about all that is Newport. We’re a sailing city, so the boat show naturally lends itself well to Newport. It can be a great introduction to sailing and boating for newcomers, with free sails throughout the weekend. It also doesn’t hurt being surrounded by some of the best food in town right on the wharfs.



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I’m a sucker for Brick Alley Pub. Their burgers and salad bar are fantastic, but almost every time I go I end up ordering the nachos and I’ve never regretted it once. Those things are loaded. One order will last me at least two full meals, sometimes three.

Runner up goes to Mission, who I’d say has the best burger in town.



If you find yourself visiting Newport for a weekend or however long, please do yourself a favor. Set aside one morning, drive about 20 – 25 minutes North to Bristol, go to Beehive Café, order literally ANYTHING, sit outside on the patio or upstairs on the balcony, and start the day the way I wish every single day could be started. It gets busy so I like to go early. Make sure you explore Bristol while you’re there, it’s a beautiful town.




Yo wassup MTV, welcome to my crib. I love Marble House. Alva Vanderbilt saw this “cottage” as her temple to the arts in America. I personally believe she just had great taste. The attention to detail throughout the mansion is incredible and I love the Chinese tea house in the back yard overlooking the water. Well played, Ms. Vanderbilt.



This one’s for all my adventure enthusiasts. Just over the Bridge, in Jamestown is Fort Wetherill State Park. The ruins of this early-1900’s fort are a short walk away from a small parking area off Fort Weatherill Rd. My favorite part about the park is it’s pretty much left the way it was after the fort was decommissioned (no, there’s no snack bar). It’s a curious mind’s amusement park, you feel like Indiana Jones discovering a lost temple. Beyond the fort is a beautiful rocky coastline where you’ll find tons of tide pools to explore.




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If a Blue Moon on the deck at Skiff Bar or a Guinness at Celtica doesn’t count as a cocktail, then I’m going with Jerry’s Ink at Diego’s. I’m not sure what’s in it but I am sure I like it. Also, coming from someone who doesn’t care much for margaritas, their margaritas are really good.



Castle Hill Lighthouse is a classic. The sun sets right over the water and it’s a bit quieter than Brenton Point State Park, which is another classic spot.



Two big things for this one:

1. Audrain Automobile Museum. This may be my single favorite attraction in Newport. Right next to the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Bellevue Ave. is the most amazing collection of cars I’ve ever seen. From a one of-a-kind Bugatti, to a Formula One Ferrari, to a first-generation Corvette. They change the exhibit several times a year so you can come back time after time and never see the same car twice.



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2. Our history. With all the beaches, shopping, sailing, restaurants, and so on, it’s easy to miss just how much has happened here. Take some time to discover our colonial history on a walking tour, explore Fort Adams, the largest coastal fortification in the U.S.; religious freedom is trending – learn about where and why it STARTED. There’s so much just beyond the surface, it’d be a shame to miss it.