As advocates for the City by the Sea, we live, breathe, eat and sleep Newport & Bristol County. You could say we know it like the back of our hand. It makes sense, then, that we're often asked where our favorite spots for everything and anything are. And while we know every place in our destination has something special of its own to offer, we each have our own favorite restaurant, landmark, coffee shop or place to catch the setting sun that we'll return to time and time again. 


You asked. We're answering. One by one.


Discover Newporter: Andrea McHugh

Andrea McHugh is the Marketing Communications Manager at Discover Newport. 
Picking “favorites” in Newport is nearly impossible. It’s like asking ‘who’s your favorite child?’ So many places, restaurants, and activities are spectacular and so much of it is relative. My favorite comfort food on a snowy winter night is just as cherished as my favorite summer afternoon cocktail with a water view, so take these answers in stride. I could answer these questions completely differently on any given day.



Newport Folk Festival. There’s a palpable positive energy surrounding the entire event and it’s hard to tell if the artists or the fans are more excited to a part of it all.  

Newport Folk Festival



This varies greatly. That said, one of my favorites: Penne all'Arrabbiata at Pasta Beach – there can never be enough garlic or spicy red pepper flakes. Bring the heat!


My name is Andrea and I’m a certified coffee addict. This means, for the most part, I get my fix at a variety of establishments. I love the coffee in the oversized mugs at Corner Café during breakfast, and when I’m on the go, I crave the darkest roast they have at Empire (which is usually more of a medium roast, but I’ll take it!).

Empire Tea & Coffee



I love going for a drive in Little Compton with my family as the foliage comes alive. And apple cider donuts.



Do I really have to pick just one? Marble House scores big points simply for the fact that it was a birthday present to Alva Vanderbilt AND because, rebel that she was, Alva was a suffragette who hosted women’s right to vote rallies there. But, one of my favorite mansion rooms in Newport is the solarium at Doris Duke’s Rough Point. You can’t beat those 11-foot windows that offer a 180-degree view of the Atlantic.  

Rough Point



Brad and Frank at The Fifth Element are tied for the who makes the best espresso martini in town.  



Take a sunset sail on a 12 meter. Do it.


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I’ll never tell.