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Newport Neighborhood Food Tour

270 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 684-1110

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What to expect on a Newport Neighborhood Food Tour: • Taste, Bite & Sip your way through little known historic neighborhoods and hotbeds of food and fun from at least six Restaurants. • Experience culinary dishes from a historic tavern, to a french inspired brasserie and a rustic pub, a hip hamburg & hotdog haven, a mom and pop bakery and an upscale boutique hotel. • Support locally owned restaurants, pubs, taverns and farms where the locals know to go. • Get tipped off to the most popular dishes and drinks including restaurants not on our tours. • Explore the early colonial architecture and culture of Newport while we walk and share the neighborhood history. • Newport Neighborhood Food Tour Guide Sheets offer fun facts of Newport and tasting location info with a map so you can know where to go back to later. We offer 2 ticket types and gift certificates, please see website for more details. Ask about our Private Tours and our Providence Food Tour!