If you don't believe in the magic of winter, then maybe this post isn't for you; but if you trust us enough to keep reading, we'll tell you that come January this Classic Coast is like something out a fairytale. Snow-kissed treetops, that feeling of crisp sea-breeze on your cheeks and the crunch of fallen snow beneath your feet all culminate to a feeling unlike any other. If you're willing to brave the cold (trust us, it's worth it), these charming spots have everything that your winter spirit (and maybe your Instagram feed) is craving.




Washington Square located downtown has the perfect set up to reveal a brilliant wonderland once a snowstorm has moved through town, and here's why: Plenty.of.trees. The historic square transforms into a snow-kissed wonderland each winter with winding pathways and trees laden with fresh powder.




Unfortunately, a cocktail on the Castle Hill lawn in an Adirondack chair isn't an option come this time of year, but that doesn't mean you won't find your share of bliss while you're there. Venture down the trail at the end of the parking lot to catch a glimpse of the Castle Hill Lighthouse. Standing 34-feet tall and overlooking Narragansett Bay with views of the Newport Bridge in the distance, this (slightly hidden) gem gets even more beautiful when freshly fallen snow rests on the nearby rocks. 



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Beavertail Lighthouse can take our breath away on the most dim of days, but it's truly a game-changer when blanketed in freshly fallen snow. Think: Winter wonderland meets seaside heaven. Located at the southernmost tip of Conanicut Island in neighboring Jamestown, this lighthouse (the third oldest in North America, might we add) and state park boasts panoramic views of Narragansett Bay.



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Queen Anne Square

Make your way to Queen Anne Square for stunning views of Trinity Church (Fact: Trinity Church is home to the only center-aisle, freestanding, triple-decked pulpit left in America today, and was used in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.)




Head to Paradise Valley Park for an unobstructed stretch of nature (a half-mile, to be exact) covered in snow and perfect for much-desired winter activities like snow shoeing, cross country skiing or hiking. While you're there, take in views (and a photo or two) of Boyd's Windmill, the historic 8-vane windmill that resides there. 



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325 acres of hiking trails and preserved land comprise the scenic and tranquil Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown. The trails stay open year-round (Note: There's a $7 fee for exploring the area) and come winter, beg for whimsical wandering.



Bowen’s and Bannister’s Wharves are renowned as a warm weather hot spot around here, boasting cobblestone paths lined with a mix of local boutiques, exquisite galleries, eclectic artisans and more. But when the buzz of summer fades and the temperature drops, they become a peaceful place to admire the harbor and enjoy a calm moment. Head down to the end of Bannister's Wharf for a breathtaking view of the dock, the Newport Bridge and the winter waves.\



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Right about now you're thinking The beach? In the middle of winter? No thanks but again, trust us on this one. There's something therapeutic that takes over when the calm and quiet of winter meets the untamed beauty of the ocean. You'll want to take a minute (or 5) to soak it all in - and maybe a photo for your feed. 





Lined with trees and Gilded Age mansions, historic Bellevue Avenue is a sight to see on any given day, with wintry days only amplify its awe-factor. Drive (or bundle up and walk) down cobblestone sidewalks for a peek at enchanting Gilded Age architecture.



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You thought the Newport Mansions were breathtaking in the summer? You ain't seen nothin' yet. 



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