Film has always had the power to momentarily transfer us to scenes around the world. As we stay home to flatten the curve together, don't forget to look for scenes of Newport on your screen. Take a look at the following movies filmed in and around Newport. 





Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down - which might not be such a bad thing.


Length: 94 min
Iconic Sights:

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Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a secret agent in the Bond style. But his wife Helen and family think he is a computer salesman. When Helen seeks out a life of excitement in the arms of another man (Bill Paxton), Harry sets out to give her the excitement she craves while simultaneously battling Arab terrorists in possession of an atomic bomb and causing his rival in love to change his trousers.


Length: 2hr 21 min
Iconic Sights:

  • Rosecliff, Newport
  • Ochre Court, Salve Regina University, Newport

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Amistad is based on the true story of the events in 1839 aboard the slave ship La Amistad, during which Mende tribesmen abducted for the slave trade managed to gain control of their captors' ship off the coast of Cuba. The film follows the international legal battle that followed their capture by the Washington, a U.S. revenue cutter. The case was ultimately resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1841.


Length: 95 min 
Iconic Sights:

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Due to a breakthrough scientific discovery by Dr. Thomas Harbor, there is now definitive proof of an afterlife. While countless people have chosen suicide to reset their existence, others try to decide what it all means. Among them is Dr. Harbor's son Will, who has arrived at his father's isolated compound with a mysterious young woman named Isla. There, they discover the strange acolytes who help Dr. Harbor with his experiments.


Length: 1hr 42 min
Iconic Sights:

  • Seaview Terrace, Newport
  • Second Beach, Middletown

Where to Watch: Netflix



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Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston) is a young man from the Midwest living modestly among the decadent mansions of 1920s Long Island. He becomes involved in the life of the mysterious Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford), a rich man who throws the most lavish parties on the island. But behind Gastby's outgoing demeanor is a lonely man who wants nothing more than to be with his old love, Daisy (Mia Farrow). She is married to the bullheaded Tom (Bruce Dern), creating a love triangle that will end in tragedy.


Length: 2hr 24 min
Iconic Sights

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C.K. Dexter-Haven, a successful popular jazz musician, lives in a mansion near his ex-wife's Tracy Lord's family estate. She is on the verge of marrying a man blander and safer than Dex, who tries to win Tracy's heart again. Mike Connor, an undercover tabloid reporter, also falls for Tracy while covering the nuptials for the fictional Spy Magazine. Tracy must choose between the three men as she discovers that "safe" can mean "deadly dull" when it comes to husbands and life.


Length: 1hr 51min
Iconic Sights:

  • Clarendon Court (Privately owned), Newport

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After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.

Length: 1hr 51min
Iconic Sights

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A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.


Length: 1hr 35min
Iconic Sights:

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A drama exploring the romantic past and emotional present of Ann Lord (Vanessa Redgrave) and her daughters, Constance Haverford (Natasha Richardson) and Nina Mars (Toni Collette). As Ann lays dying, she remembers, and is moved to convey to her daughters, the defining moments in her life fifty years ago, when she was a young woman. Harris Arden (Patrick Wilson) is the man Ann loves in the 1950s and never forgets.

Length: 1hr 57min
Iconic Sights: Filmed entirely in Newport and Tiverton
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A nice-guy cop with Dissociative Identity Disorder must protect a woman on the run from a corrupt ex-boyfriend and his associates.


Length: 1hr 56min
Iconic Sights:

  • Ocean Drive, Brenton Point, Newport
  • Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown

Where to Watch: Google Play, iTunes, YouTube






Mr. North, a stranger to a small, but wealthy, Rhode Island town, quickly has rumors started about him that he has the power to heal people's ailments. The rumors are magnified by his tendency to collect negative charges and give shocks to anyone he touches. In his adventures he befriends an old man who is a shut-in and helps him rediscover the world.


Length: 1hr 33min 
Iconic Sights:

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Will Parker, played by Matthew Modine, loses the Americas Cup, the worlds biggest sailing prize, to the Australians and decides to form his own syndicate to win it back.


Iconic Sights:

  • The Elms, Newport
  • Throughout Jamestown

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Wealthy Sunny von Bülow lies brain-dead, husband Claus guilty of attempted murder; but he says he's innocent and hires Alan Dershowitz for his appeal.


Length: 1hr 51min
Iconic Sights:

  • Clarendon Court (Privately Owned), Newport

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Humbert Humbert, a divorced British professor of French literature, travels to small-town America for a teaching position. He allows himself to be swept into a relationship with Charlotte Haze, his widowed and sexually famished landlady, whom he marries in order that he might pursue the woman's 14-year-old flirtatious daughter, Lolita, with whom he has fallen hopelessly in love, but whose affections shall be thwarted by a devious trickster named Clare Quilty.


Length: 2hr 33min
Iconic Sights:

  • Brick Market Place, Newport

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube





The patriarch of a family-owned corporation hires a young race car driver to help him design a fuel efficient car in secrecy. They face resistance from the president of the company (the patriarch's grandson), who wishes to eliminate the motor car division because of bad blood between himself and his grandfather. During flashbacks, a parallel set of problems is revealed in the family's past, problems that persist into the present, and the race car driver gets deeper into the web of deception and corporate intrigue.


Length: 2hr 5min
Iconic Sights:

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Wyoming, 1890. James Averill is the Sherriff of Johnson County, a county largely inhabited by foreign immigrants. The wealthy cattle owners view the immigrant farmers as a nuisance and hindrance to them enlarging their own land. The cattlemen's association, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, effectively declares war on the immigrant farmers, and gets the state government's blessing. They assemble an army of guns-for-hire, and, backed by the U.S. Cavalry, set out to rid the state of the immigrants. James Averill's heart is with the immigrants, but he is not sure they have a chance of winning the inevitable war.


Length: 3hr 39min
Iconic Sights:

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A widower finds out the woman he fell in love with is his brother's girlfriend.


Length: 1hr 38min
Iconic Sights:

  • Ocean Drive, Newport
  • East Ferry Wharf, Jamestown
  • Mackerel Cove, Jamestown

Where to Watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube




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