Just in time for the season of haunting! The White Horse Tavern named among the 10 Most Haunted Bars in America via The Huffington Post. The Tavern, noted as the oldest in the Country, opened in 1673 and has previously served as a meeting place, court house, and even a city hall. Read Huffington Post's excerpt on the tavern below, or find the full story here

Newport, Rhode Island The oldest bar in the United States, of course, hassome ghost stories to tell. The Whitehorse Tavern was opened in the Rhode Island Colony in 1673, making it the oldest bar in the country (though it had other roles, like a boarding house in the early twentieth century, and British military quarters during the Revolutionary War). Walking alone in the building feels a bit creepy, especially when one knows at any time they might see one of the spirits wandering around. One of the ghosts is an elderly gentleman who died while renting a room upstairs in the early years of the Whitehorse. He was never identified, but has certainly been seen by a number of people. Another is a small girl, often heard crying on the second level near the restrooms.