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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for Newport, RI
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10+ Walking Tours To Take in Newport

Newport is considered one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. From some of the most historic sites in the country to panoramic ocean views and architecture that will absolutely take your breath away, you're going to want to get up close…

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A Guide to Newport Gallery Night

On the second Thursday of every month from February through December, art aficionados of all kinds stroll the streets of Newport's bustling wharves and eclectic neighborhoods to experience the work of 25+ galleries. COVID-19 NOTE Due to…

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8 Newport Murals to Explore Right Now

Freedom of expression is the foundation on which Newport was originally founded back in 1639, when colonists like Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams were banned from their settlements for their religious beliefs. It was a central way of…

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Newport Art Museum Unveils New Exhibits

Newport is a city of history, art and abundant culture. As local museums and galleries continue to reopen responsibly, they further develop a brand new slate of thought-provoking exhibits. Below are four new exhibits to explore at Newport…

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New Tours, Galleries + More To Check Out Right Now

We may be one of the most historic cities in New England but you better believe we're constantly changing. From brand new tours highlighting corners of our seaside city you've never seen, to new galleries to engage our inner art enthusiast…

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