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Newport History Walking Tours To Take in September

Make your way outdoors this month for a 75-minute walking tour with the Newport Historical Society in the heart of downtown Newport. Presented by an expert guide, tours will depart with a group of no more than ten for an especially intimate…

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18 National Historic Landmarks to Visit Right Now

Unparalleled history lingers around every corner here in Newport. From the oldest continually operating lending library in the country to the oldest standing Jewish synagogue in North America, travel between sites and centuries when you…

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The OGs: 10 of Newport's Oldest Places

Nearly four hundred years of history lingers around every corner in Newport. Walk these cobblestone byways and pass by the oldest synagogue in the country, or transport back to the 17th century when you step foot in America's oldest tavern…

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Itinerary For History Buffs in Newport

Nearly 400 years of downright monumental history comprise this small but fierce Classic Coast of ours. Since 1639 when a group of English settlers separated from the settlement in Portsmouth and planted roots on the southern side of our…

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The History of Irish in Newport

In the years since Newport was founded in 1639, people have arrived here on the doorstep of the Atlantic from every corner of the world. First, it was the English dissenters seeking religious freedom. Then came the Quakers and the Jews in…

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Black History Month Events

This month, Newport celebrates the history, heritage and diversity of the Black community with special virtual events, lectures and walking tours throughout The Classic Coast. COVID-19 NOTE: When you're ready, we can't wait to welcome you…

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10+ Walking Tours To Take in Newport

Newport is considered one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. From some of the most historic sites in the country to panoramic ocean views and architecture that will absolutely take your breath away, you're going to want to get up close…

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Newport Neighborhood Tour: Christmas on The Point

Close to the hustle and bustle of America’s Cup Avenue, just off the Claiborne Pell Bridge, is a small neighborhood tucked away from view, known mostly by its residents and other Newport locals. Formally called Easton’s Point after one of…

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